‘Fine and dandy’, The Dandelion

The humble dandelion has been my first source of pigment – you can see the results of this in the photos below. I had read somewhere that dandelions can be left in water to make a kind of water colour paint and produce a shade of yellow. Well, from my rushed attempt I got more of a murky brown colour. (Which seemed no better after leaving the petals to ‘brew’ for longer.) for this particular arty session I was feeling impatient and spontaneously decided it might be just as effective to pick a dandelion and literally draw with it straight on to paper. Probably a more similar way of working to that of our ancient cave dwelling ancestors. And guess what? It worked.  The colours were still not as vibrant as the preconceived image in my head but the result was pleasing none the less.

I may come back to the dandelion at a later date and work on getting a stronger yellow  so watch this space. (Alternatively just keep reading this here blog.)

dandelion drawing, natural pigment , trouserbee, Jess Caudery, artist, art
Dandelion – drawn with a dandelion plant and a little paprika.
Trouserbee, dandelion water colour, Jess Caudery Art
Dandelion water colour – a first attempt.

Come join me on my journey…

I have begun work on a new project. It might be art or it might be science even, but it’s mainly me experimenting.

For a while now I have been intrigued by the idea of using purely natural and biodegradable low impact materials to create work. Now I want to pursue this idea and start making.  My initial aims and ideas are:

  • To find lots of natural pigments from biodegradable plants;
  • To experiment and develop ways of getting the pigment from plant matter on to paper or any other chosen medium;
  • To find ways of using these natural dyes so that I can still be expressive and not feel limited in my methods of creating work.
  • To continue with handmade recycled paper making. To perfect this and eventually combine the paper with the natural pigments I discover.
  • To be informative and inspire people who read my blog.
  • To be informed and inspired by anyone who reads my blog and wants to give any advice, or who is on a similar journey. To be open to ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism.

Some of my reasons for this new pathway of mine is environmental concern. I want to be able to create work that is made with low negative impact on the environment and which has a low negative impact on the environment when it is made.  The phrase compostable artwork has been echoing round my head for a while now…

I do not profess to be an eco-warrior, gosh, I could probably write a book on all the little hypocrisies that exist in my way of life if I pretended that was the case. I do however think about our effect on the planet and realize that even in my art practice I effect our environment. From the tubes of plastic, chemical paint I buy to the amount of waste I produce. I do want to challenge this in my work and share my findings with you.

I am by no means an expert in any field. (Oh dear that could almost be an awful pun…)

I am in fact, at the very beginning of a new creative journey and I would like to invite you to be a part of that journey.