Spring Forward

Last week we saw the clocks go forward. (Or rather complied in putting them forward in keeping with our bizarre methods of counting time.) Spring seems to be doing its thing and my cousin who also writes a blog and does arty stuffs reminded me of this space. (if you get a moment check out her blog too, listed in my followers or I think if you search for Corvidendron you’ll find it.) Any how, I guess it’s about time I awoke from my winter slumber.

I suppose the implication is that I’ve slept through the winter. I sometimes wish I could, but it’s actually been a busy one. In terms of creative endeavor There are a couple of things you might be interested to hear about –

Jess Caudery, Set Design
This seems like a bit of an over statement to me. I basically helped out with the Christmas show for my sons drama group. This involved making some shaddow puppets, securing some items to form part of the set, liasing with the drama teacher and a little prop making. It did feel good to see my name on the programme and Rosie from Acting Up has asked me to be involved with next year’s play so hopefully I’ll get the chance to do an even better job.

Not Just Jars…

…I think I may have mentioned somewhere in my last post that I had started trying out a new idea with upcycling jars. Well, I’ve been working pretty hard on this one trying to ‘perfect’ the product. I have been finding lots of reasons why the jars are not yet ready for craft stalls etc. I think it’s getting to the point where I just need to go for it – nothing ventured nothing gained, so they say.

How about a few pics?

Shaddow puppets from acting up. Can you guess the play?
Captain... Shaddow puppet

Some of my favourite jars so far




What about the plants and the paper..?
I haven’t forgotten that I began my blog about papermaking and natural dye. This is not something I have forgotten and I’m pretty sure it is something I will come back to. As an artist, my ideas evolve and I have a tendency to go off on tangents so ideas are constantly changing. The jars still have the recycling element but other than that seem a million miles away from what I was doing last year. I just hope you can bare with me whilst I find my way. 

As always feel free to make comments.

Happy Spring.