In my last post I was trying to accept the fact the I may not have the time to concentrate on making art and I needed to focus on a ‘proper career’. This morning I reminded myself that it doesn’t have to be that simple. I can still find ways to be creative and may still be able to use this in between now and beginning teacher training.


Enter the Kettle Vase…




No, don’t actually get inside it. That’s silly, that was just my attempt at a dramatic introduction.

Often, I don’t throw things away in the hope that they’ll one day be useful. I feel like I should be able to use my creativity to make something desirable from the things one might often discard. This is despite the fact the this involves hoarding ‘rubbish’, and the clutter in my house gets me down. So, when my kettle broke last week, I couldn’t simply throw it away. It’s been sitting in the kitchen redundant until I had one of those eureka moments – the Kettle Vase. So here we have a most simple work of art.  (I shall call it art so therefore it is. Ha!) Simple, but I am very happy with it. I also love the fact that the  weeds inside the vase are actually rather pretty.

So what’s my plan now..?

Well, I’m still intending to get on to a Primary PGCE course but it seems I just can’t put those paintbrushes down! Or kettles, or lightbulbs. (See picture below.) I aim to get on to a course starting in September 2017 and am seriously considering becoming self employed in the mean time.

I often feel people – family and friends even, don’t take me seriously as an artist – this may be paranoia rearing its ugly head – and thinking about I don’t always take myself seriously either,. Despite making myself post online and sharing my work as much as possible I still have that tiny seed of embarrassment, I can’t be a real artist- people are laughing…

On the flip side there have been a few people and situations that have made me think I might just want to give that little artistic bit of me another chance. By registering as self employed, attitudes, including my own attitude, might change. I might actually begin to be more productive. Firstly, Acting Up have asked me to join them for a meeting in August to discuss having me as an official prop maker for this years Christmas production. This is very exciting and makes the last few years that I have helped out on a less official level, feel even more worth it. I have also spoken to some arty friends of mine who have been encouraging and offered advice.

As you may glean from reading more of my blog posts, my moods can be up and down. (Although I usually write a blog post when I’m feeling a little more positive.) My mind is prone to changing and I’ve got more on over the next year than I could begin to write here. (If you haven’t lost interest already you would by the time I had typed up all of my plans.)  I’m pretty sure there will be times that it I will question my sanity and feel like I can’t do any of it. But I can and I will.

I’m just going to leave you with a picture of another up-cycled artsy crafty thing I couldn’t help but make.