Waa Hooo – An Award: 2017 Liebster Award

Liebster Award


I was nominated for this award thing by the talented author of this blog:


This lady makes some pretty cool art work and I was chuffed to be chosen as one of the nominees, even if taking part means more work…

Basically the award works by bloggers reading, liking and promoting the work of other bloggers – spreading the blog love and helping each other out. A blogger will nominate some blogs that they think are good and deserving of some recognition and in turn the nominees are then invited to make nominations and put  links to these in a blog post of their own.

Confused? I was a bit too. After a somewhat flummoxed search online, I concluded that it’s actually quite an organic award process and happens by word of virtual mouth if you like. Despite the fact that there are some ‘rules’ peoples’ take on said rules vary.* I thought it seemed like a fun way of engagement and decided to take part, so here we go :

Nomination Time (Come on!)


jppyro~ A brilliant lady writes this blog, she has no idea how brilliant she is, posts include the authors arty crafty endeavors and more recently some of her poetry amongst other things.

sincerelyann~ I was drawn to this blog by the post about gardening and am intrigued by the journey of this blogger. it’s also worth having a look if you’re interested in veganism.

auntyask~This blogger has a tag line about bringing back the agony aunt, but actually writes some really intersting and informative pieces. I particularly liked ‘Little People Big feelings’

lynntolmon~This is a blogger who I know has interesting stories to tell. They are honest about tough subjects and posses a wicked sense of humour, on top of that they make some damn good art which you can see on their blog. I look forward to seeing more from this blogger.

juliealicechappellart~Also known as The Butterfly Lady, if you’ve not heard of this artist already you should check out her blog

themumfeels~This awesome blogger captured my attention with a really interesting article about grief and hope

travelswithmyhusband~ I love this blog as it sheds some light on a fabulous initiative to do with working on farms with the acronym: WWOOF. It has a lovely personal touch with plenty of cool photographs too.


*To my nominees, you can check out this site for some rules etc


If you fancy taking part, you can just put your own spin on it I’m sure. Have fun and happy blogging!




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