This ‘ere blog:

Studio ish


I began my blog whilst I was on maternity leave a couple of years ago. I was wanting to experiment and document my latest art project.

From here I have spiraled and gone on tangents. Tangents are my specialty…

Topics that have and are likely to crop up again are:

  • art – my practice and things I find inspiring or interesting and you might too;
  • mum stuff, try as I might I can’t help but sometimes write about my Mum journey- you may or may not relate;
  • what it’s like to juggle (currently three jobs alongside being a ‘single’ parent);
  • my thoughts, ramblings and aspects of my mental health might crop up from time to time too.

So if you can bare with me and tolerate my flitting from this to that then back again – please follow, share or comment on this ‘ere blog. Hell, someone might even find it useful.





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